Yes, România: 2021-06-15 21:00

More or less, but on the road again, headed out with full luggage, being on the early stages of a decent touring. It's so eerie to look back one week (left Hungary on the 8th, nobody ever believes me the randomness of these) that I actually had to doublecheck the calendar on the 11th — it felt as if I had been on the road for months. Nope, it was only 3 days.

I kind of actually had to realize while being at the border outwards, that I don't have to speak English yet.

What does the crystal ball have? The frequency may change, could be probably 2 entries per week, also the location may or not be more accurate again.

The exact location? I can tell, that it wasn't my original plan. Neither was the second. Not the third either. And to conclude, not even the fourth.

Yet it's a place so immensely beautiful that I've been having it on my bucket list for some 2 years — didn't make it then, then somehow just slid to the background, later came 2020. There are some definite destinations, but the itinerary is flexible, since there are vast amount of things to discover: by location, motorcycling and even more.

Welcome from Transylvania.

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