Finally the good weather is here! România: 2021-06-29 21:00

As it's usually commented on the scorching Sun above 30 °C, two pertaining motorcycling experiences.

First is the water consumption. Generally everyone is aware that you must drink water to have the body hydrated, since motorcycling is an active sport just as the treadmill or the elliptic trainer. But I'm sure I'm not the one who tends to forget it, and says It's alright, I'll buy some on the next petrol station. More often than not, it's always the next station.

One of my most memorable story here, when I was moving from Nürnberg to Budapest last July. Looking back, still it was one of my so far most demanding rides.

Yes. I can do moving with a motorcycle too.

So I left Nürnberg around 11am, and after the ninth hour I decided to stop at the last petrol station before Budapest. Primarily not for water, but rather to give a quick call to the accommodation that I'm incoming, don't give out my room to someone else.

Then a second thought hit me like a sledgehammer: MUST have water and immediately now. I gave drink to the motorcycle, then shopped 2x 1.5 liter mineral water bottles.

Walked back to the bike and pushed it away for parking — because I'm not the type who have coffee leisurely inside the shop, while thousands of others are waiting for the petrol pump — and opened one of the bottles.

The next thing I remember, it's completely empty, not one drop of water was left inside.

While I've always kept one or two 0.5 liter bottles, but those often were opened only by the end of the day. Not too smart.

Since then I'm actively vouching for the hydration packs. It's up to personal preference to have it included in the jacket, I rather went for a separate backpack, since you can use it also for instance running. Have the 2 lt one because you can always fill only a half liter for quick, daily excursions, but on longer hauling rides under the scorching Sun you'll see 1.5 lt or even more also quickly disappear. And what's important: you don't refill in the last moment, but the body is gradually and constantly replenished with water.

The second thing is the worthless nature of the thermo and waterproof layer of the 3-layer jackets and pants. After the — how many? — years, I can fully confirm that these two layers are worth nothing:

Two steps optimization of the weight, the luggage, the things to carry.

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