How to look stupid in Transylvania (in two quick steps) România: 2021-08-02 20:00

Habits vs. reality.

A week — or two — ago I spent some time in the Apuseni Mountains. Wonderful landscapes, even in rain.

If you're looking for the heaviest storms and lightnings, then the region is recommended. As the saying goes, storms and heavy rain in these regions is not the question of if but when.

Like in general, after the arrival my first steps were to go to the local grocery shop to buy a few bottles of sparkling mineral water.

I'm quite fluent to say this in multiple languages in the world, but in Romanian still needs practice:
Yes. I know. The tap water is potable. I drink carbonated water only because it's more refreshing for me. Otherwise cool tap water is just perfectly fine too.

Much to my shock, there was none. There were many soda drinks and other various liquids, but no sparkling or generally any mineral water.

Later I learned the reasons at the accommodation: when you have crystal-clear, fresh mountain water right from the factory — then why would anyone wanted to pick any branded bottled water?

As for the second, except out of the ordinary itineraries, my dinner usually consists a half liter of milk with whey protein: best for a light but filling dinner.

The two kilo extra weight is perfectly worth it in the luggage, and enough for about a month.
Now I went again to an another local shop, and I learned again that they don't have any usual bottled milk.

And it quite makes sense: why would you want any other milk, than when you see the employees of the factory right working and grazing next to the road?

Conclusion: never ask bottled water or processed milk in the mountain regions of Transylvania.

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