The second motorcycle crash România: 2021-08-10 14:30

I don't believe that using the word accident would fit the description, at least in my understanding an accident involves two or more participants, vehicles. The crash I had on the 12th affected only the motorcycle, the gear and me. There was no collision either in its closest meaning.

No intentions to get into the exact details, won't do the same like in Garbolc. This has two reasons, mainly this time the crash was more severe: not only the motorcycle suffered cracks and fractures. In such circumstances there are always lesser comedy and punchline[sic], than a simple slide out and bike putdown.

Secondly, I well know I broke this rule multiple times, but from Day One my head revolves around a simple rule: the writer/narrator is never important, but the content.

Once again, I'm not sure to expose all the mid- and post-details of the crash, but the next entry will most likely give some insights, because it can be edifying.

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