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Is it possible to start from blank zero?

To restart from zero?

What is the definition of home?

Living the road
I've read about and actually met with people during my travels who have been on the road for years — some of them for more than 10 years.

I've been doing my fair share of travelling, seeing and getting immersed in the world. It's fairly easy the follow the when and hows, the approximate last 14 years. Never will say that I was born with a motorcycle and I won't get into comparisons either, but neither will brush down the fact that in these last years I actually lived on the road and learned the exact essence of long-term motorcycle travelling.

As I'm recalling these people again, and not revealing any kind of hard opinion, since I barely, less than a discussion got to know them — but I rather find it sad to travel for decades by oneself. I wouldn't find that enjoyable. One way or another, there ought to be a STOP sign. It's more like a psychological thing probably, I don't think that I would enjoy such. At all or happily.

The world is neither that big or that interesting.

There are differences between various personal detached states. One may call it loneliness, other call it solitude, which I'd rather find more accurate. Being lonely in my dictionary means one curls up in fetal position in the corner of a dark room and weeps about the difficulties of the world. This is a real problem. On the other hand, how much solitude is isolation, it's still an extremely powerful ally. Solitary people enjoy the world quite as much as anyone else, they still seek and cherish human interactions. Clearly it has disadvantages — just as everything in the whole Universe has — but the list of advantages is quite sizeable too.

Still, getting back to the beginning: what is the definition of home?

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