Two options Hungary: 2022-01-17 20:00

The traveller season is far yet, thus perfectly free and calm moments are given for thinking.

I see two options.

First one, put more energy into adding more accurate interpretation of the VIZA system and the hardly deniable perpetrator NTAK (Hungarian National Tourist Data Collector Agency) behind.

Collecting and making automated profiles from inalienable personal habits and preferences, stalking and shoveling them with customized carved law for politically favoured private organizations and forward, this isn't anywhere close to overcoming financial crises, fencing off terrorism, surmounting worldwide epidemics or building the nation anymore.

This is clearly not a plain story. Already enough power games, money and paragraphs were executed into this, to carve the can't even walk yet toddlers' database records too into the fluffy cloud, in respect of tourism too.

I won't get into offtopic stories now which force me to draw the conclusion that NTAK tries to make the story personal. I intend to remain at objectivity.

The hissing sound of the coffee machine closes such and similar thoughts, and I stroll to the window. I look out and focus on the landscape, the strong aroma of the liquid wanders in the air, while the storms of the brain leave one question unanswered.

How much is it my battle?

Thus comes the second option.

I belong among those maybe lot or maybe only few people, who can claim they literally have visited all the whole Hungary throughout their life. Not only from Kásád to Hidvégardó, or Felsőszölnök to Garbolc — but even more across, in all directions.

In the last five years myself also newly sank into the HDR-quality images, picturesque sunsets, green forests, blue rivers — still I believe I can admit this publicly: Hungary can't show me anything new in respect of tourism.

Still, there are hundreds and hundred-thousands of amazing places in Hungary, where it's simply good to be — either for the second or hundredth time. Likewise to footballing, I can admit that I neither could ever merge into the last depths of quintessential patriotism, definitely not radical patriotism, but supporting the local businesses — even just for a coffee — has rounded the experiences.

But should I go into a battle to be able to travel even more in Hungary?

How much sense would that have? Would it be my fight? If the first option went into reality, that would change many things, on multiple levels.

Coercing personal human characteristics by brute force, spreading them deliberately and negligently at the same time, then just cowardly fleeing away, in practice your name is VIZA.

The season is away yet.

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