COVID-19-20-21-22 Hungary: 2022-01-31 20:00

Legal disclaimer: the following lines by no means at all and irrespectively neither to, as content imparted or assumed insinuation will, do or can, neither intend to transmit (in their own specified meaning) medical information, contrary to the reverse, as having commonly including habitual concepts ready for the aligned definition. If you need a medical advice, any help in making decisions related to your well-being, then it is your personal and legal responsibility to consult with a healthcare professional.

No sane person releases detailed medical information into the public, but I decided to make an exception with the coronavirus. As known as, why did I let to be infected.

Which happened last November, with an immediately funny startup, the PDF printed-scanned-printed onto special white papers, the legal formulae requiring the signature: I swear the truth, nothing but the truth, nobody forced me to wed this vaccination. (directly indeed nobody because that would be a criminal act, would it not) I'm familiar with all the details of the vaccination, I know the unknown potential consequences. If hair grows on my soles, I can blame only myself. The Good God shall protect me. Signed.

The double-lane of tongue kisses were quite disturbing — Are you feeling well?, You don't have fever, do you?, Stay here for 15 minutes after. — since from the first moment it was already written into stone, that all and the everything is happening on my own, and nothing but my own responsibility.

Didn't mean how did you feel after the first shot, but now before the second.
Apologies, I thought that would be important too.

I had my double shots, it was on the paper. I believe. Since I'm neither a virologist, biologist or doctor, thus I'm not in any professional position to decide what has actually gotten into my body. Hopefully the coronavirus vaccinations will already bring the expected statistics, as it can be read officially the previous one, the flu vaccinations didn't occur that way, on a longer leash. Didn't fulfill the expected statistics on the linear patterns of Sars—Flu—(Zika)—Corona.

Nonetheless, I truly hope that the spokesperson of OMSZ (the national Hungarian ambulance) has zero chance of decision-making in what kind of medical solutions and products are used by the organization. Public servants, whose job is to inform the public probably should not appear in parallel advertisements, hijacking the alleged image of credibility, meanwhile endorsing C-vitamin of Swiss pharmaceutical companies. Because these two are incompatible and yell about he's talking into the camera with hardly covered financial interests, and not because of professional knowledge, medical intentions or honest concern and caring toward the plebs.

Humanly and professionally also quite questionable to see him next to the road on huge billboards with a huge sneer Hey, you too, get your vaccination! :D, onto the margin of a world-wide epidemic. At least two places didn't have problem with this.

The circumstances didn't identify exactly that it was a coronavirus case, but I have strong reason to believe that I've gotten through it twice with minimal symptoms. Once in Hungary, second time in Romania, after the accident. Since I'm still around, my understanding is that my body and immune system have already developed the proper defense lines. But since these didn't happen in controlled environments, it's not provable, thus you remain the enemy of the state. At this time one starts to think forward, especially if he's already 28 years old.

Should my lifestyle be something different, like getting ready to test the sixth browser, I could hardly imagine to increase the improvised statistics, carried around like a flaming sword.

Obviously, politics would again find their tools.
I'm not a doctor, but I still think there's not much difference between the biological and the computers viruses. This was one of the main reasons why I stopped to follow even the theoretically sound sources, because most of them just got confused in the unbelievable science-fiction stories, instead of the objective information.
Any vaccination/antivirus software can work only with those viruses which it can identify by their known unique patterns and working mechanisms. If this doesn't happen, the antivirus will just blindly walk next to the virus.

Even the identification of the first sample takes time and a lot of research — also in ideal circumstances the vaccination would stop life functions or cause damages within statistically acceptable numbers, because that's not a solution if the antivirus software deletes a crucial system file, or using spears to cure illnesses. Not to mention the daily popped up alpha-beta-gamma-??? mutations and their repeated research needs.

The truth is, if I hadn't gotten vaccinated, then I'm confident I could put together again only questioned itineraries in the third year, behind the gates of uncertainty. And I intend to avoid that.

Naturally, the vaccination still can't give any security or freedom. A lot of countries, irrespectively to being or not vaccinated, still require free…monetized PCR tests of generally 3 days. No differentiation, vaccinated persons also must obey the restrictions, for example mask wearing. Asian countries already treat mask wearing like daily habit of the morning tea. There's absolutely no proof that by spring an n+1 variation won't appear, or the sceptervirus-infection after a 65-years old female was bitten by an infected mole on the corn field.

Back in last March, when the whole thing was just started to explode, the spokesperson of WHO said it may not disappear. This already told a lot. Clearly his job is to avoid panic planting — but the soon two years after brought a lot of signs and evidences: there's no conditional tense anymore.

The whys and reasons are hardly post-relevant, the statistics may be officially incremented by 1.

Now let's move on with life.

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