GDPR, II. Hungary: 2022-02-21 20:00

We may agree on the thought, it's a very good feeling when you realize that you are right.

Then there are moments, when you rather wanted to be wrong.

I didn't do it earlier, but during the last case I actually read all the GDPR articles.

Try your luck with the address, if you might or never get answers. Then you can think about is there any actual DPO behind that address, or how seriously do the European lawyers of AirBnb take the GDPR. When you've finished, you can also wonder about according to the support and their website, this is the address where you have to send the extorted personal IDs.

Yes, I've seen they recently updated the Terms and Conditions. I didn't read it, because I don't care.

The only message I'm interested from AirBnb is the following:
Dear Silza … Slilza … Silz … Mr. Lizard, hello.

We received your request to remove your account during the spring of 2021.

Hereby providing you X and Y evidences, all of your personal data have been removed from our and third-party systems as well, either online or offline.

We still hope you had great time in the big AirBnb community, and you are welcome to return anytime if you want to be among us again.

Yours faithfully,
A Really Existing Responsible AirBnb Middle Manager Or Senior Employee Or Executive, Who Writes His Or Her Full Name Into The Message

The revolving thought again and again returned in the smoky window:

GDPR PROTECTS! Except, if …

I read the previously mentioned 17. article, and finished the c) section with bitter happiness, as it nullifies any data protection rights based on for reasons of public interest in the area of public health. Walks hand in hand with terrorism.

When in practice do terrorism and illnesses appear, the code-words of the present and future.

Writing those things into an entry had a kind of special charm, thoughts of personal opinions.

But all this change into something truly alarming, when they justify any actions, actually happening in practice.

Forward with bureaucracy, backward with jet engines.

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