The 12th Day Hungary: 2022-03-07 20:00

I don't know about you, but about a week ago out of hundred thoughts still none was thinking about a war in the neighborhood. Is it really happening?

To be on multiple levels of logical paths, you would even start to create conspiracy theories too, to consider all directions. The NATO, UN, EU, US got the alien friendship of Klaatu and wants to suddenly break away from Russia? Not really. Everything was on the track, decades work of diplomacy and contracts signed with the country laid down a hard, but walking together path.

It was an ordinary task, it seemed to be. Rush in, topple, hand over posthumous medals For the Greatest Expected Dedication To Be — then clap hands, let's go to savour the personal love, the incoming Football World Cup, humbly accept the standing ovation and lay back on the tribune.

It didn't happen that way.

There can be various opinions in regard of the varying expectations on the average person's intelligence and focus. When does he or she turn away to continue the usual daily routine. The balance ranges from accepting the answer You can find all my income on my annual tax declaration form. to the processing of special military operations. In the 21st century everything is documented, multiplied and broadcast basically immediately in gruesome clarity of HDR quality.

When nobody believes But it was them! answers anymore.

What happened on 3rd of March, 141 countries voted at the UN Assembly to condemn Russia's aggression — that was a truly respectable moment: it was the practical application of democracy, not just as written in the books but the real meaning.

It would be blindness not to see that Russian politicians have reached the point of no return. If that ever happened, restoring suspended economical activities, reopening businesses — it would be just a matter of a quick signature ending a short meeting. But to resuscitate decades of work on all fronts what now the Russian army is trampling into the Ukrainian soil isn't viable. It is difficult to see that they ever again will be welcomed in any, humanly and mentally just slightly developed country in the world. I trust that Russia is still. I still second its existing values, and while it's not my table to opinionate internal Russian affairs, and it's not good to see Russian people, Russian children to be dragged into police stations — their existing significant support against wars is an important sign.

Bad-bye Russian space achievements, bad-bye
I still have the clear vision of those minutes in the late eighties, the last kicks of Soviet socialism, when I was admiring a Soyuz entry module on an exhibition in the Museum of Transportation. The shape, the surface, inside the equipment and the heavy brainstorming about how the astronauts could fit in and work on all that space magic. The biggest heroes ranging from Leonov to Gagarin, just to name the most famed ones, including Laika.

Since then, the Russian space achievements have spiralled straight down into the dumpster.

As they say, the fish stinks because of its head. Dmitry Rogozin, director of Roscosmos, the Russian space agency. In ordinary circumstances you have to admit this guy has a sense of humour. Under ordinary circumstances if I heard a line like Tanks don't need visa!, then I would have a hearty laugh. Or his response when Russia cut the cooperation with the US, how will their astronauts reach the space? I don't know, use broomsticks or something!

Spoiler alert: Americans have already solved it without the Russians.

But these aren't ordinary circumstances.

A bully, a highly aggressive person appears from all directions. If you repeat these words, you will certainly spot what's common in them. Exactly: none fits the description of a scientist. The novel, what a character like Rogozin is doing at the nationalized, politicized but still science station. It is hard to comprehend why Kremlin supports loudness and physical power in everything, before anything else. While it's hardly ever a managerial job to know how one actually picks up the shovel and use it to transfer coal in the mine — such personality never fits onto scientific landscapes.

His constant outbursts are worsening. Last week he posted a video on his Twitter channel showing that the employees are taking down or masking out the flags of the nations on a rocket, the countries he doesn't like because of their sanctions. This is not unprofessional, not even childish. It's a documented example when a grown-up, most of his life behind adult male in serious position is throwing a sissy fit. Neither belongs to a technical CV.

Rogozin has already weakened it beforehand, now together with the politicians have brilliantly bitterly invalidated and dumped a steamer on all great Russian space achievements of long decades, in just a matter of few days.

If you have zero experience in armed combat — at least consider to rather join the firefighters or medical services. There are already verified evidences of volunteers who died on their very first days. It is not too difficult to understand that both Ukraine and your embassy already have enough things to do now, without organizing extra shipments back with your dead body. Whatever remains of it.

The Russian Army is murdering literally everyone and anyone. Your death won't help. It will be used only to trying to blame Ukraine.

Russian politicians,
Stop the invasion of Ukraine.
Double your efforts to stay away from nuclear facilities.

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