Grey laws of our times Hungary: 2022-03-28 20:00

How politics shovel data to idealized third parties, carved into grey legal stone, newly popping up every day. Moving personal data through twenty-third parties, spreading arms, with false address of the Data Processor won on a public tender, a website with HTTP and SSL key expired 2 years ago, by carved into customized legal grounds demand personal data and extra profit, an outsourced email address as single point of contact to separate and minimize legal connections for all the above.

When upon shopping at a place you've never heard of, or been to before, it comes out they absolutely know all your data because they are interconnected with all governmental systems, too.

The hygiene-levels of the computers and the network is unknown.

I looked up the dictionary
so much [a]: measureless large amount; see also Your Parliament is worried about your personal data so much, for safety's sake they spread all of them.

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