Departed. Europe: 2022-05-02 07:00 (UTC)

Again, on the road. The biggest journey I've ever started.

Travelling time is impossible and to continue everything in the same way like it happened years ago. In any life circumstances, if you are 100% the same person today, then something is genuinely wrong with you. The only static is the change.

I've headed out again, which for one part is wrong. Long-term and distance motorcycling is a definite opposite of human relations. You can't get to know and build on random encounter discussions at the accommodation, or while filling the tank at the petrol station.

How temporary they may be, but beautiful moments still do happen.
Then everyone continues heading toward the original own destination. If there's no persistent vicinity, flexibility is a drawback.

Quite many things have changed in the last years, motorcycle-wise as well. I'm not having any frame to shape them as hindsight or toward the future. Yes. The Hornet is gone, 14,000 kms ago. I don't think to dump all the 2 years in a hasty scaffold of entries. And neither see how slow cook could work. A new chapter.

One might say, this entry should have happened exactly two years ago.

But this entry isn't for such winding thoughts.

Already having the new jacket, pants, gloves and the new helmet. The old ones were stashed away, with the broken, ripped and torn parts and the dried patches of bloodstains. They become spare parts, They will be perfect for offroad rides. Though — that was said about the very first gear too, the old boots too put down more than 2 years ago. That moment hasn't gotten anywhere closer for years. Most likely never will.

This is not the last entry.

The only certainty is uncertainty, the crystal ball has no predictions.

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