2022-05-02 Europe: 2022-07-07 17:07 (UTC)

Leaving Doboj, the daily accommodation was the Montenegrin Nikšić. No particular part to report on, only I haven't met this amount of bathtub water since (per 2022.07.07.) approximately from Sarajevo to the accommodation. 393.20 kilometer was ridden in rain, wind, 17 °C degrees.

Eagle-eyed navigators will spot that I didn't follow the straight in the direction, orange-coloured main road, but took a detour. The very simple reason for this was, from Hum an old and tumbledown wooden bridge carries the travellers to the other side, into Montenegro. At the point of no return I inquiried more information on the bridge, but with minimum English I got only the confirmation There is a bridge. but nothing about its shape or current condition. While I was walking back toward the bike and counted the constant raindrops on the helmet, I concluded that I'll follow the other main road, and this won't be the first time with full luggage, that I'll roll onto one of the slipperiest surfaces on Planet Earth of a bridge in unknown condition.

The whole day in one picture (wonderful landscapes even in rain):

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