2022-05-04 Europe: 2022-07-10 17:15 (UTC)

Departure from Nikšić without any morning coffee, as both two of the closest groceries seemed to be under liquidation, and at the petrol station a customer seized the coffee machine for the whole district. The daily destination was the capital of Albania, the 219.93 km away Tiranë.

Rode forward on the SH1 main road, had a chat with a coffee shop owner in German (that works, English, Spanish or Hungarian don't) who inquired my opinion about current Hungarian politics. If you can't say wise things about common politics (99% you can not), then it's meaningless to laymen comment, thus I summed up to him that I'm only an ephemeral traveller on this planet and complimented that Albanian coffee is indeed very good.

Luckily there was a car wash a few blocks from the accommodation, so I could do a quick wash later to clean most of the dirt and grime from the rainy day + chain lubing. By the time I finished, I learned from the staff that I should not stand in the water or grab the metal part of the water gun, because I will get an electric shock. Faleminderit.

Comely towns and nice sceneries can be seen along the road too.

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