2022-05-05 Europe: 2022-07-14 17:57 (UTC)

Only one Albanian night, strategically positioned to the outbound side of the city to avoid even with a motorcycle the usual morning chaos of the capitals (pro tip). Travelling toward Greece, by the end of the 216.77 km, Kastoriá/Καστοριά is the daily accommodation.

Took some pictures but none could give justice to the values of the town. Although nowadays bijou is an up to dizziness overused touristic verbiage, though it would match Kastoriá with positive understanding: greenery and forestry landscape surround the small town, the major theme is the lake, especially on the southern side with the promenade with restaurants and cafés sparkle under the nighttime hills. The below picture is not such but the northern side, overcast, yet in the afternoon.

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