2022-05-12 Europe: 2022-07-30 11:36 (UTC)

Close daily destination is a prominent member on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the Meteora: the unique geographical landscape shaped over millions of years and the cultural values of the Byzantine monasteries built around the 14-15. centuries belong to mankind's legacy since 1988. Out of the original 24 monasteries nowadays six can be visited, among these I saw two, the Monastery of Agios Stefanos and the Monastery of Varlaam. Out of the remaining four two were closed on that day, out of the remaining two one was under maintenance and for the remaining one I did a short excursion to Vlachava/Βλαχάβα instead.

Monastery of Agios Stefanos
The monastery lying at 575 mts gives home to nuns since 1961, and you can see a yard, a garden and a late refectory (dining room) which serves as a museum for religious relics (you can pay the entry by card).

Monastery of the Holy Trinity and Kalabaka
At 570 mts, you can get there by stairs or with a huge gulp of air and winch propelled levitation from the road.

Monastery of Varlaam
At 595 mts, the second biggest monastery (you can't pay the entry by card), with a church and significant ecclesiastical relics in the subterranean museum.

The previous rope and mesh system, used to move humans and necessities.Frescoes and statues ornate the interior of the monasteries.

Landscape toward southwest, halfway to Vlachava

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