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Indeed Athens was the notion, that it's quite similar to Buenos Aires: tall buildings above the narrow streets, loud buses, antique underground, spotty flagstones, green plazas among the gray concrete buildings, altogether the atmosphere. Heat, chaos — but still works somehow. Nonetheless, my Spanish knowledge is still light years ahead of my Greek.

If you suppose that it's impossible to fit Athens into one day — then you're perfectly right. The world traveller touring motorcyclist inclined to thinking needs to admit, around this time in a kind of stagnating confusion didn't see the future itinerary: anyhow we see it, Athens in the direction is quite the end of the European mainland. From there it's still not impossible or too difficult to move forward by a motorcycle nowadays — yet I didn't think to continue the travel with a ferry, capable to carry vehicles too. While looking back, I should have given more days to Athens.

My first destination was the National Archaeology Museum, but happily concluded that my early 8:30-ish arrival was in vain: right on Tuesdays the museum is open only in the afternoon, between 13:00 and 20:00. Though I didn't loose my hopes, because I had anyway a B, like Plan B: walked to the nearby Hellenic Motor Museum.

Classic cars and lot of red cars. Everyone recognizes red cars.Test Drive II.: the protagonist of the best car simulator, ever.

Alas, there's nothing exhibited motorcycle-wise, but it's worth to check out the cars too on all three floors.

National Archaeological Museum
Since I didn't have a pre-booked ticket for the afternoon either, queueing was the way: which was long, but much to any surprise, it didn't take more than about 10 minutes to get through the entrance.

Huge collection, arcs over history, art and literature: without additional commentary, start here.

Ancient examples of the body building postures3335. Aphrodite slaps the erotically advancing goat-legged Pan with her sandal.

The Acropolis
Food for thought: 30EUR entry fee, even to the Acropolis isn't loose cash. Yet, skipping the Acropolis in Athens is like if you didn't visit the Heroes' Square in Budapest, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Kreml in Moscow, the Obelisco in Buenos Aires. Or the Neumayer Channel of the South Pole.

Excluding the scaffoldings, altogether it was a pleasant visit. On a quick thought I can't think of any better place, where you could photograph tourists this well for 30 euros. Selfies, groups, anything you want. But the timing wasn't much good by lights, as the strong sunshine still after 4pm washed out everything, made all shadows and plays disappear.

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