2022-05-19 Europe: 2022-09-04 18:03 (UTC)

Again travelling day, and one doesn't have to be a seasoned geologist to see truth in the ancient wisdom: One who goes down in an underground garage, must surface again once.

Needed to admit, the ascension wasn't much a thigh-squeezer — rather sliding, dirtbike leg dangling, nonetheless good practice event.

The daily destination was Nafplio/Ναύπλιο, more precisely Aria/Άρια by the end of the round 158.00 km.

If we've talked about ships. Holding onto the soil finally I targeted westward from Athens: initially wanted to take the road, but ultimately went onto a ferry to chop some kilometers. Twice, crossing the Salamis Island.

Eagle-eyed navigators spot two detours: the right happening maintenance works forcing the backward direction was annoying but still the ferry was the good choice; good coffee was at the harbour.

The other detour was an intentional shopping after Corinth/Κόρινθος with a lookout to the very windy Gulf of Corinth.

Although I didn't feel particularly cold on any of the previous Greek days, but if I recall correctly, after exiting from the A7 and heading south on the Peloponnese had to notice the arrival of the GOOD weather: 30 °C and plus constant temperatures with hot winds.

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