2022-05-23 Europe: 2022-10-06 17:05 (UTC)

Alternative title: how to waste a Pinlock in 30 seconds?

  1. remove the visor from the helmet for the daily cleaning
  2. remove the Pinlock from the visor
  3. open the tap
  4. check the water temperature, to be in the range of cold and lukewarm
  5. put the Pinlock under the flowing water
  6. few seconds later you will notice a strangely melted plasticky smell
  7. visualize the growing blisters on the Pinlock's surface and the steaming water
  8. bless the gods for the water suddenly turned sizzling hot

Then departure from Mystras, by the end of the isn't even worth a yawn 92.26 km distance Monemvasia/Μονεμβασιά welcomed.

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