2022-05-26 Europe: 2022-10-24 18:40 (UTC)

Not much to report on, at least not as much as I was planning and hoping from the daily destination: the quite majestic Diros Caves. My accommodation was just right perfect, 10 minutes walk, yet upon my inquiry of entering the venue quickly turned into disappointment: right today, generally, or-so, major road and construction works happened around. I can't tell whether it had any connection to the availability of the full cave tour — yet I was told that the long, and actually interesting boat tour isn't possible these days.

But for 12…7 EUR, you could walk about seven minutes in the stalagmite cave:

Until the point where the water was crystal clear but bit chilly for swimming:

That was all the day.

If you watch the picture long enough, your eyes will start to spin.

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