2022-05-27 Europe: 2022-10-31 20:30 (UTC)

There are nights when you just roll around in the bed sleepless. Thoughts are revolving and leave one question unanswered: Where is the second southernmost point of Europe?

Trouble yourself no more, the answer is here.

While no financial relevance and actually there aren't a lot, you can find Mani Peninsula in the region. It also hosts the Cape Breadkiller which would be some capeable translation with my better Spanish than Greek, and sea the end of such hillarious geographer entertainment.

The destination of the daytrip 80.14 kilometer far was the Cape Tainaron, which is indeed the answer to the question.

Cape Tainaron isn't only famous because of its geographical extremity, but navigators of the ancient Greek history will fairly immediately correlate to Taenarus. Although I saw remains of late beings, dogs ran up and down in the vicinity and the sunshine at noon was hellish, yet I didn't find the entrance to the underworld. The location is nevertheless divine, quite easy to understand why did Hades choose his garden gate here — wherever it actually is or leads to.

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