2022-06-01 Europe: 2022-12-04 12:21 (UTC)

First day in Pátra, primarily concentrating on the motorcycle. Since the twitter Aria petrol station the petrol display still showed unrealistic remaining amounts, so I rolled to the biggest Honda dealership of the peninsula.

They didn't find any problems but the sensor was restarted and a general inspection was also carried out. Turned out, still under the critical level but a considerable amount of fluid built up at the crankcase breather. Which was a bit of mystery for me: since the bathtub water in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the electrifying wash in Albania, the motorcycle didn't meet with a single drop of external liquids. Also I checked the drain hoses after the shower. My favourite evening reading material, the RTFM writes other things too such as if you've ridden with full open throttle or if the motorcycle was overturned, but it's quite certain that none of them happened.

I intend to always adhere to the rules of motorcycling, as for instance: A motorcycle likes to touch the earth only at two, upmost three small spots.

While the bike was under inspection, I hunted down a vegetarian breakfast: coffee and feta pastry.

This typical Greek meal is nice, but this time I realized that I've had much enough. For example when bought in shops freshly made, and since my Greek cannot be considered significant, I always realized only after the first bite it's not again only filled with plain feta. Which is boring-boring-boring-boring. Offer more variety please: onion always goes perfect hand-in-hand with cheese. Not to mention the crispy bacon. And so on.

Evening lookout to the port:

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