2022-06-03 Europe: 2022-12-12 12:12 (UTC)

Needed to admit, I liked the Peloponnese and Greece. Although not even on the peninsula did I find the silence and quietude have been missing for considerable time, yet its certain remoteness and rural landscape grew upon me and captured the travelling spirit.

I didn't feel to continue the obvious direction from Pátra. One month here or there, the notions of incompleteness and the word rush flickered loudly on the buzzing neon sign. As the potential next destination, navigators doing well in History, Sports and the Greek alphabet on the 31st of May picture immediately recognized a strikingly close very famous city which I just hasted next to.

The Road 9 seemed to be a reversed déja-vu, so rather decided to go up and down and through and over the picturesque Peloponnese mountains and hills, and after a mere 99.25 km Archaia Olympia/Αρχαία Ολυμπία welcomed.

It's better not to think. Sometimes.
Usual chores after the arrival, including a hunt in the local convenience store. Since it was farther than the usual walking distances, I quickly removed the luggage and put the gear into first.

After finished the shopping and was just one block away back to the accommodation, I started to brainstorm: But did I remove the luggage straps too after the packing down…?

Experienced motorcyclists already see where is this going…

Finally I decided to stop and check it — in that moment the deceleration swung one of the hanging straps right between the sprocket and the chain — provoking a suddenly locked up rear wheel. Now wasn't that a slide. While I hummed and walked to the accommodation to pick up the always handy multitool, the eternal question formed: If I just hadn't stopped this close… Then cut the strap since it coiled up so hard, even pulled down the rear suspension, also heavily agreed with myself that I wanted to buy new ones anyway.

After all the tension, had a pleasant afternoon dinner: vegetarian french fries with pork chops.

Didn't laugh the lemon.

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