2022-06-06 Europe: 2022-12-27 14:27 (UTC)

What a lovely day to wake into!

38 degrees in the shade!

What would you do?

  1. lay back on the lifeboat in the hotel's swimming pool and watch the next episode of the original Baywatch
  2. prepare an extensive trekking


Even after a previous visit to Mykines, it looked to be right positioned again for a daily stop. Possibly I didn't do my homework well enough, but didn't find other places in the vicinity and at distance which would offer similar features. So I walked the archaeological site again and the closer tholoi.

Need to add a correction to that entry: Heinrich Schliemann didn't nearly turn things upside down, but he actually did destroy history. Opinions vary on his intentions and care(lessness), taking his earlier lifestyle and attitude in respect of the damage he did. But the simple moral of the story: please consult with professionals, even if you are deeply infatuated with the classics, even if you are Croesus-rich.

Sitting down with an aging offline book, best to learn the surroundings better:

The famous Lion Gate


Tomb of Aegisthus
Son of Thyestes and nephew of Atreus. These two were important members of the House of Atreus which plays an important part in the Greek mythology. It's recommended to read all the everything in both directions toward his ancestral and descendant links; for example to add more into the conversations about Troy — not just the horse. His tomb was built in the earliest periods of Mycenae, at the beginning of the 15th century BCE. One of the named tholoi with collapsed dome.

Tomb of Clytemnestra
She was Atreus' daughter-in-law and close, probably too close to Aegisthus which all ended her fate neither too nice. Her tomb is the youngest among the others, built around 1330 - 1220 BCE. Violating the customs and the burial sites since the dawn of time, her tomb was also looted multiple times in order to steal the precious valuables laid to rest with the dead; one of the recorded thiefs was the Ottoman Veli Pasha when he wasn't too busy with rummaging at Mount Olympus.

Treasury of Atreus
The resting place of the other protagonist: one may consider him as the good guy but it's not as simple as that. His dome was built between 1350 - 1250 BCE and considered to be the tallest (13.2 mt) and widest (14.5 mt) dome in the world by then. Due to the not-so-wisely chosen address label it also suffered multiple lootings over the centuries.

Carry on, amateur Indiana Jones
On the western slopes you can find some other un- or lesser named tholoi, but according to their current state they are yet to be learned better.

That was the time when the daily excursion in the good weather had ended, probably because of a quick thought that it's not too smart to walk in the dry bushes with visible remains of recent fire along with the wind carrying the smell of smoke. Also as usual the searing hot scorching water heater always empties the bathtub.

Do you know why didn't I get wet? Right. I wasn't riding.

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