2022-06-07 Europe: 2022-12-29 16:29 (UTC)

Eagle-eyed navigators certainly spotted the magic in the previous entry: but hey, the first image can't be a morning picture! They are completely right, it indeed isn't. Experienced travellers must have the instinctive skills to locate the position anywhere and anytime based on the Sun, so they recognized the direction of the mischievous shadows at the olive trees — faithful to its billion years' habit, the setting Sun was shining from the west on that day too.

It was Back to the Future, it was bending the morning sunshine.

Today a travel day, exactly 100 km and 28 centimeters:

I passed through Argos/Άργος which today also could be the yesterday destination, but memories say I didn't find any accommodation there. You will certainly open its link, but just in case adding here two fascinating facts: the city owns the proud title of the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe as having the earliest signs going back to the Neolithic Age, about 7,000 years ago. The other, in average always wins the contest of the hottest-ever cities in the summer in Greece. You're welcome.

The Palamidi castle on the Larissa Hill:

Again yesterday stop could have been Návplio/Ναύπλιο, but again it was in the summer / in the city and only stopped for a morning coffee.

Instead riding the photogenic eastern coastline:

The final daily stop was a disembarkation on the island of Poros/Πόρος.

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