2022-06-13 Europe: 2023-01-23 21:23 (UTC)

Not much to report on, just a relaxing 18.33 km ride on the northern, then the eastern side landing in one of the largest villages besides Διακόφτι: Agia Pelagia/Αγία Πελαγία.

You can see the Peloponnese over the distant, and if you zoom in enough also the port of Νεάπολη.

Friendly advice: don't drink from the water. It's NOT sea foam.

Agia Pelagia used to be a fishermen village, nowadays tourism is the main income for the locals. It also has a harbour, but only for smaller, recreational vessels and yachts. The beach is small but well-maintained, and excellent restaurants await you in the much more hospitable late afternoon temperatures.

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